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Shingijutsu Global Consulting

The Kaizen Pioneers
Who Brought Lean out of Japan

...Shingijutsu Global Consulting has worked with companies of varying size in myriad industries.
Many manufacturing companies and service industries have used our consulting services and seminars to achieve more effective and efficient operations.

Shingijutsu Global Consulting will dramatically improve your company's profitability by reducing unrecognized inefficiency and waste

It's no secret that effective management enhances customer satisfaction and increases profits. Every business, regardless of its size, product, or corporate history, strives for high production at low cost, streamlined logistics, and efficient operations. However, while the goal is clear (reducing wasteful inefficiency), companies often lack the necessary tools to identify productivity problems and develop effective and lasting solutions. Shingijutsu Global Consulting specializes in helping companies achieve Lean production through continuous improvement (Kaizen) using several proven methodologies such as Just-In-Time (JIT), Heijunka (leveled production), Jidoka(autonomation).

The Kaizen system, pioneered by Toyota in Japan, has been recognized as the premier efficiency technology in the business world, reducing unrecognized waste (muda) in production and management practices, in some instances by as much as fifty percent. Many large manufacturing companies, such as Boeing, have used our consulting services and seminars to achieve more effective and efficient operations.

Isn't it your turn to enjoy the benefits of Kaizen?

Shingijutsu Global Consulting Core Services



SKW (Shingijutsu Kaizen Workshop)
Gemba Kaizen
Logistics Kaizen
3P . . . and more!

The core approach to implementing Kaizen at your gemba



Japan Tours
US Events
Private Program

An introduction to Lean (Toyota Production System)
and Essential Kaizen Concepts 

2019 Shingijutsu Global Consulting Seminar & Event



October 14 & 15   Kaizen / Lean Revival
October 16            Kaizen Approach to Problem Solving
October 22 - 24   Learn True Kaizen / Lean



June 3 - 6                                   Gemba Kaizen
November 10 - 12 & 13 - 15    Kaizen Study Mission
                           Kaizen System & Offie Kaizen

February 16 - 18 & 19 - 21, 2020   Kaizen Study Mission
                           Lead Time Reduction & Problem Solving 

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