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Classroom Instruction, Hands-On Practice and SGC's Exclusive Plant Tours

Kaizen is not a one-time activity, but rather a process of continuous analysis and adjustment as needs arise. After surgery, (a one-time intervention), consistent and appropriate treatment after the operation is necessary for final recovery of the patient . It is the same in the business world: no one is able to care for your company better than your own staff. Success depends on their conscientious application of Kaizen principles. Therefore, SGC offers a wide variety of training opportunities to provide your staff on-going support.

Public and Private Seminars available in
Japan , the US and all over the Wolrd

  • Public Seminars
    SGC conducts regular public seminars, covering a variety of topics for every step of your kaizen journey. For information on currently scheduled seminars, please see our EVENTS page. Try it now!
  • Private Seminars
    SGC organizes an exclusive special seminar only for you. We propose a satisfactory seminar for each to meet the degree of lean advancement and study theme you are interested in. Please CONTACT us about your requests for private seminars. Try it now!

Gemba Kaizen Seminar

One of the basic methodologies of Kaizen is the Just-in-Time (JIT) system. JIT promotes optimized resource allocation, efficiently using product, schedule, and quantity to reduce production and operating costs. JIT establishes the basic groundwork for a true Kaizen working environment. From streamlined production processes to a pull system that optimizes inventory/production flows, JIT creates a waste-free-business mentality that eliminates expenses and maximizes returns. The Gemba Kaizen seminar consists of both lecture and field practical lessons. Attendees learn how to improve their Gemba (work site) through the lecture on the basic JIT concept, as well as field training covering the standardized work for Takt time production. These concepts are the crucial building blocks of Kaizen; they are essential for anyone who will oversee the implementation of Kaizen activity. The Gemba Kaizen seminar also offers a prime opportunity for an organization’s executives to understand what Kaizen is and how it can benefit a company.

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will...
- understand, through lectures, what Kaizen is and how it can benefit your company
- learn how to initiate Kaizen activities at your Gemba
- learn how to analyze the production system at your Gemba
- find ideas that improve your Gemba without spending money


Office Kaizen Seminar

Office Kaizen is basically the same as Kaizen practiced in manufacturing shopfloor. How long does it take to finish one task? How is the quality of that work? Is there any unnecessary cost occuring? Is that work really necessary? You will learn to find and solve the problem by understanding the current situation from the point of reduction of delivery, quality improvement, reduce cost and eliminate waste. You will experience practical approach through the basic lecture and hands on practice in the class which is necessary to solve the problems. At the end of the tour, we are planning to take you to observe the actual office where they are working on office Kaizen

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will develop...
- an ability to practice various visualization techniques to find waste
- an eye for finding waste 
- an ability to Kaizen waste


Kanban, Logistics and Supply Chain Kaizen Seminar

First of all, the flow of material goods slows down in the process to "procure parts," "produce parts," "convey material within the factory," and "deliver finished products to clients," which necessitates a place to store those material goods. Since those material goods become inventory, it becomes necessary to have inventory control with more forms and to have a worker involved. Taking the chain-reaction of such waste as a problem, you will learn how to solve this problem. The JIT is a system as well as an idea of “producing and conveying only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed," and you will learn the instrument called “Kanban" that realizes the JIT. In the “Kanban" you need to understand the entire Kanban system and learn the procedure of part procurement and logistics improvement.-->

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will understand...
- the JIT concept, and the concept of Kanban that is an instrument to realize JIT production
- production process flow and installation methods for Kanban
- JIT logistics and logistics optimization
- Procedures for logistics improvement
- Supply chain management


Production Preparation Process (3P) Seminar

Being the first to market doesn't guarantee beating the competition, but it certainly is a large step forward. However, in order to get that head start, a web of logistical issues - from procurement to equipment preparation - must be dealt with for efficient operations. To fully leverage this strategy, all logistical issues must be resolved at the lowest cost available with minimum time delays. This requires thorough, effective preparation and planning. The JIT system can take a process from preproduction to production without waste or delays - if integrated correctly. Producing "Products" of superior quality, at a highly productive "Plant", via controlled "Processes" will lead to enhanced profits. In order to achieve this, all activities need to be reexamined starting at the most fundamental level, from the new product development stage through the production preparation stage. Starting at the preparation stage, all preparations need to be completed quickly and in a timely manner, based on the Just-in-Time concept.
The seminar aims to allow participants to acquire necessary acknowledge and ability to implement it. We call this Production Preparation Process activity "3P" and promote it.

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will master skills to analyze and design a production system which mainly incorporates:
- Effective production plans and processes based on the Shingijutsu Global Consultingf Production System (SGC-PS)
- New product designs / manufacturing systems which eliminate problems inherent in traditional designs / systems


Jidoka Kaizen Seminar

Automated production works wonders when everything goes smoothly, but problems do occur. Manufacturing groups reduce the impact of these problems by Jidoka(Autonomation). Jidoka is the Kaizen principle that optimizes the automated production line. Since machines can’t make intelligent decisions, human operators must watch for and address problems as they arise. Therefore, we create a system with Jidoka as important as the JIT that “when a defect arises or it is likely to arise, it stops processing immediately.” That is, when abnormality occurs, it is immediately detected and stopped, so that the occurrence of defective product is prevented, and a process that “incorporates quality in the process” to produce only good quality products is created. As a result, this eliminates inspection and rework waste, releases a worker from watching machines, so the worker can perform other value-added work. Upon production activity, Jidoka must be implemented along with the JIT. In addition, you will learn how to build a chaku-chaku line, and a flexible manpower line that can respond to production fluctuations, how to arrange standardized work, and how to create Karakuri equipement.

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will master skills to analyze and design a production system which mainly incorporates:
- Jidoka concept and its roles
- How to create a chaku-chaku line
- How to create a flexible manpower line and how to arrange standardized work
- How to create Karakuri* equipment
      * A method of enabling equipment operation without using electricity, air pressure, etc.; using only gravity, springs, and weights.


Managers' Kaizen Strategies for Lean

How should management be positioned to promote Lean activities? Important to Lean establishment is to clarify upper-management policies and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. It is also important to create an environment where anyone can work on Kaizen activities. We will introduce detailed methods of creating, and sustaining, a highly-motivated working environment. You will learn the roles and methods management should know for the deployment and establishment of Lean. You can observe how the Lean concepts learned in lectures is practiced on actual shop-floors.

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will know...
- the role of management in promoting Lean 
- how to proceed with Hoshin Kanri and Daily Management
- how to create a workplace where you can continue Kaizen activities


Introduction to Lean through Kaizen

"LEAN," is a condition of having a minimum amount of MUDA ("waste"); a production activity based on TPS (the "Toyota Production System"). Lean can be introduced into any business, in any industry. To successfully launch Lean, it is important not only to introduce Kaizen techniques and processes, but also to establish lean thinking in the organization. To Manifest the Lean thinking to organization, and to find out the method by myself is the first step for Lean launch. In this seminar, experience Kaizen and think out the technique through the Simulated Gemba Kaizen activity wash your hands and other plant tours included Toyota Group. 

What will I gain from this seminar?
You will understand...
- basic concepts of Lean
- steps to introducing Lean into your organization
- how to conduct Kaizen on your own words and promote Kaizen throughout your job site
- how to persistently continue Lean activities


Plant Tours

While the decision to implement Kaizen affects every employee in a company, the success of Kaizen depends primarily on support from top management to all employee levels. The Executive Tour is designed specifically for a company’s key decision makers or personels who may be in charge of Kaizen activities in future to understand the benefits of Kaizen and how it works. The tour introduces participants to Japanese factories that already use Kaizen for real-life examples with tangible results. Participants meet with Kaizen-knowledgeable executives for question/ answer sessions and case study discussion. The plant tour is the best way for companies to learn just how much Kaizen may effectively improve their business results.

A seminar is scheduled for thoes who have involved in Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO). KPO member needs basic knowledge of various Kaizen methods widely. This tour comprises a lecture on KPO, hands-on practice at a classroom and inspection tours of plants where the KPO has been successfully deployed. 

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